Features Overview

Welcome to the the Shots & Giggles website!  We are so excited to share our service with you for any of your private or corporate events... big or small!  We know there are a ton of photobooths in the area.  What makes our photobooth unique is that we are about luxury, quality and fun.  You and your guests will enjoy a top-notch experience beginning with our friendly booth attendants and beautiful backgrounds to our fun, high-quality props (lame props suck!)  Last, your images will be professional grade, created with high-end cameras and lighting. All booths are not created equal!

Our booth is sleek, modern and compact.  It can be set up with minimal space, in almost any environment. Because we are an open-air booth, our images can fit a ton of fun people (depending on your allotted space). We can set up our booth to create a variety of looks from a silly and fun party environment with props, to more vogue looking portraits. or a step-and repeat-red carpet treatment to welcome your guests.


Shots & Giggles Photobooth - Sleek & Modern

Touchscreen Close-up


Professional Studio Lighting and Knowledge. Our company is owned by a photographer who has advanced portrait and lighting knowledge. Because of this, we can create a variety of lighting setups to guarantee you receive top-quality images. Many booth companies are run by people with little to know photographic knowledge.

Versatile and Compact Solution. We are not a one-size-fits-all photobooth company. Since we are photographers and we have high quality, professional lighting, we can make your event as unique as you like!  We can set up anything from a typical photobooth with fun props, to a step-and-repeat background at the entrance of your event and even a full vogue portrait setup with prints on the fly! You are only limited by your imagination!  Because of our sleek, compact design, we can fit our booth virtually anywhere!

Friendly, On-Site Attendant.  We will have a fun, friendly person to help your guests with the booth.  They help get the party going and will do everything they can to encourage people to participate.  It usually doesn't take long for everyone to relax and join the fun once they see a few of people joining in and showing off their amazing prints!

Beautiful Backdrops. We have a beautiful and always growing collection of backdrops.  You can also have a fully custom backdrop for your event or a step-and-repeat background with your logo, There is literally no limit to what you can do! Want to create your own?  That's OK too!

Amazing Props.  We have a fun and amazing set of high-quality props!  We are always on the lookout for new items to keep every event fresh and fun. Have a theme?  Let us know and we will try to add props to match it or even bring your own!

Custom Print Design. Our prints feature your pre-approved design containing your theme or branding. You can choose from 2"x6" strips or 4"x6" postcard designs.

Instant Prints. The perfect gift for your guests is an instant print from their booth experience! Our prints are ready in 8-10 seconds!  We also don't limit our prints!  Your guests can receive as many copies as they like during our time at your event.

Private Gallery. You will receive a Private Online Gallery where you can download your prints or order prints and other professional lab products.

Fast Turn-Around.  Your photos will be online and available to download within 48-hours.

Social Media Sharing (upgrade). Allow your guests to text or email photos to themselves during your event to use as they like!

Photobooth Requirements

Our open concept booth is amazing and we are ready to have a great time with you and your guests!  There are a few requirements to ensure that your booth is a success! 

  • The booth runs best with a 10'x10'x10' area to maximize the fun, but the minimum space required is 10′x7'x9′.
  • The booth requires AC power within 25 ft.
  • The booth must be set up indoors unless requested BEFORE the event.
  • The booth requires one banquet table if props will be used
  • The booth requires 60 minutes of of pre-event set-up time and 45 minutes take-down time (non-billed)